Powerful lessons in personal change

“Choose the life you want to have!”

Use your Crucible Moments

Develop Resilience

Let integrity, honesty, and human dignity define your life

Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

Jim started Endless Horizons 20 years ago and has audacious plans for the future

While you take your seats and strap in for half an hour of Jim’s riches-to-rags-to-riches story,

Think about the life you want to have!



When his fortune and personal life came crashing down, Jim came to a rude awakening

He learned resilience and reshaped his life through grit and discipline.

This determination is now directed towards helping community and motivating others towards freedom and positive change.

Speaking topics include


Crucible Moment

Jim un-ashamedly traces the 4 Crucible Moments in his life (to-date) that have had the hallmark of Father God,  refining him and calling him.

Jim leads the audience to a point of challenge, to put Father God “to the test”, and to start tracking your Crucible Moments!

Why Real Men Don't Eat Kale

Resilience can be learned, and Jim’s Lively delivery draws on both personal experience and contemporary neuro-science  to  help unlock the

  • 5 Stress Resilience Skills, which can help build the
  • 9 traits of A Resilient Person


Addicted at 16, millionaire at 20, broke and broken at 30. Jim’s ‘Riches to Rags to Riches’ story has all the action of an Illustrated novel, but its real life!  Jim talks about the health consequences of a life lived too fast, and how to take care of your body, mind and spirit in pragmatic terms that “Blokes need to know!”

Lessons Learned from Endless horizons

Comming along side people and walking out their fight out of addiction has been a 20 year jouney of self-discovery for Jim. “Human resiliance contantly amazes me”  Learn some of the lessons he has learned through Endless Horizons.

Group Coaching - Ministry Teams

Ministry and Volenteer Groups find direct benefit from the wisdom and lived experience that Jim can provide.

Understand what a Personal Pivot Point means, and why Jesus Christ stopped feeding the crowds.

Group Coaching - Youth and Young Adults

Working with groups of Youths, Young Men who need encouragement and lived, real life  experience Jim bringscandour and authenticity to  both empower and inspire  change

Relationship Coaching

Jim & his wife Neda have a passion for people & believe in the institution of marriage.

Building on Christian Principles, Jim and Neda have provided Pre-marital & Marriage Coaching as a team for over  for over 15 years.

Understand Covenant Commitment,  deepen your communication strategies and develop lasting emotional intimacy, find out more here and contact Jim or Neda for more information


Personal Coaching

“Live the life you want to have.”

Jim aims to position his clients to get the very best out of their opportunities and enable them to make their own decisions for their own personal growth.

Personal Mentoring

When Jim takes a troubled person under his wing, he tells them, “Don’t forget, I’m always here for you. We are family, and friends for life”.

Jim’s experience and his triumph over personal struggle give him the empathy & compassion to help others turn their lives around.

If you have concerns about a loved one find out more here and contact Jim directly.

Speaking Engagements

If you want your Event Speaker to reveal to your people how to welcome Crucible Moments, then Jim will not disappoint.

Jim is a leader in her field and well respected amongst his peers. He is comfortable speaking on the Corporate stage, working with Ministry leaders and transformational Trainers.

Jim brings the compelling dynamic of having been on both sides of the track and has spent the last 20 years using those experiences for the benefit of others.

Find out more about Jm’s subject matter here and Book him for your next event.

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Endless Horizons 



Not your average Bio … Jim’s delightful reminiscence of his loving family in the heart of the Greek diaspora of Melbourne’s Northern suburbs,  quickly descends into hedonisim!

Endless Horizons follows the “riches-to-rags-to-riches” story,  and is the remarkable work Jim has developed (with his wife Neda), helping people a hand out of  addiction — giving them hope a giviing them a view of the Endless Horizon.